Got a spare coat? Give it to someone in need this winter via a wardrobe outside the Co-op in Stroud.

David Michael and Karen Doe have put a 'coat cupboard' outside the shop, having been inspired by a coat rack outside the Co-op in Lampeter.

After gauging support on social media for a similar project in Stroud, they bought a wardrobe from charity shop Emmaus and got permission from the manager of the Co-op on Slad Road.

They have also fitted the wardrobe with a piece of corrugated metal on top to stop the coats getting wet.


There are two simple rules: take what you need, and give what you can.

"The idea is immediately obvious," said David.

"And no one has to see you pick up a coat - the wardrobe is open all the time."


If all goes well, David hopes to put more wardrobes around Stroud.

Where could be another good spot? Give your ideas in the comments below.