A sustainable school in Oakridge will start growing their own food as part of an inspired new project.

To achieve this, children at Oakridge Parochial School have started work on an impressive allotment, which the school will use to enrich their curriculum.

Gill Skeffington, a parent and active member of the Oakridge School Association discussed how she thinks the allotment will benefit pupils.

"Personally, I think one of the most important things the children will gain is a feeling of achievement," said Gill.

"That sense of satisfaction people gain from growing something out of nothing. I think that's so important in a world where children are leading a rather shallow, cellular online existence."


Pupils of Oakridge Parochial School planting trees in their allotment

Gill hopes that the allotment will provide children with a space for hands on learning so they can foster a better understanding of their environment.

The hope is that the allotment will enrich the children's curriculum and support their overall health, education and diet.

"There are a lot of links between mental health problems and screen time among children, so I think this new venture will be key in promoting healthy minds as well as healthy bodies," added Gill.

However, the school still need to raise money for their allotment and some much-needed gardening equipment.

Most of the work is due to take place in January 2019, but in the meantime, they will look to buy tools, plants and seeds with the money they generate.

Anyone can help the school and donate at rocket.fund/p/oakridgeallotment