Eco-activists launched another extinction protest in Stroud last week, this time in supermarkets.

Members of Extinction Rebellion, a group who believe civil disobedience is needed to force drastic action on climate change, cycled to all of Stroud's main supermarkets on Friday to stage 'die-ins'.

They held the protest to remember species lost due to human activity.

Sid Saunders, an organiser who earlier this year went on hunger strike outside Shire Hall to protest the county council's waste incinerator, said: “The reports from the UN and the IPCC are very clear; if we don’t act now, our security, our food resources and our children’s futures will be jeopardised.

"I’m asking all of Stroud community to hear this message; and I’m appealing to all those with public office to lay aside personal interests and partisan politics, so that we can work together to meet this existential challenge which is facing us now.”

One of the activists has uploaded a video of their protest - view it below.