HAVE you been up Nelson Street, Stroud recently?

Next time you do, as you pass the Golden Fleece, keep an eye out for a very special place.

Tucked away nearby to the pub is what’s unofficially known as Anne’s Garden.

Or Glade or Patch or whatever - the name isn’t important.

What is important is that a member of our community has taken it upon themselves to improve a spot in Stroud not just for their own sake, but for all of us.

And yet, as our recent story details (bit.ly/2DYSTDw), it looks like someone is prepared to undermine all of Anne Creed’s hard work.

Sure, even by Anne’s own account, that which was taken might not have been any more than scrap - in economic terms, at least.

But any self-respecting human being could have seen it’s value was not how much it could all be flogged for.

Crime is crime, obviously, no matter the victim.

But a particularly bad taste is left in the mouth when a person who has done so much for others has others fail to recognise a whole load of hard work.