BACK in May of this year, we discovered that some miscreant has dumped 18 black refuse sacks full of rubbish in the Cashes Green Allotments.

We reported this to Cainscross Parish Council who, to their great credit, very quickly came and removed the rubbish.

Whilst doing this, they searched some of the bags and were able to ascertain the culprit.

This information was passed to SDC for investigation.

Some months later it transpired the the culprit had been interviewed under caution.

Fast forward another few months and the arrival of the latest Parish Council Magazine, in which, an item reports that the culprit had been “issued a warning letter”.

This begs the question can SDC be serious about fly-tipping?

Just issuing a letter must surely send out the wrong messages ie:

Dump your rubbish here as the worst that can happen is that you will “receive a letter”.

It must serve as an open invitation by SDC to any fly-tipper who fancies dumping rubbish to do it in the SDC area as not a lot will happen if you are caught.

KDR Johnson

Cashes Green