Police feel a pub in Ebley is no longer safe and want it to lose its licence.

Gloucestershire Constabulary has asked Stroud District Council to revoke the license of the Coach and Horses on Westward Road.

Arguments as to why were presented by police to the council's licensing panel at a hearing held on Wednesday, December 12.

According to the report put before the panel, 11 incidents have taken place at the pub in 2018, with two deemed "significant" by police.

The incidents - as well as a history of issues dating back to at least 2015 - have led the force to "feel that management of the premises have failed to demonstrate they can run a safe and responsible business."

If the panel chooses not to revoke the licence outright, police instead want the pub's designated premises supervisor removed, the pub's hours restricted and other "conditions" applied.

A decision from the panel is due within the next week.

The SNJ is seeking comment from the pub's licence holder.