CAN I ask Mike Turner, how, without any knowledge of the implications, he, along with "numerous others", knew he would vote to leave the EU.

Where did that "total certainty" come from.

The fact that he and these others had decided before hearing any evidence suggests that millions of us are missing something and I feel it is his duty to us and the country as a whole to tell us what it is.

He just "happens to believe" that leaving the EU is the best option for this country.

Well I don't think anyone just "happens to believe" anything.

All of our likes and dislikes and opinions and choices are developed by our environment, our upbringing and our experiences.

Some people prefer conspiracy theories to actual facts but most, if they have an open mind, will look at the facts and come up with a conclusion.

If they are politicians and an independent survey produces facts they don't like or that don't suit the party dogma of course they say it's "scaremongering" or "I don't recognise those figures" or something similarly ridiculous.

"Project fear" is the latest version.

Throughout the years following the referendum result all we have heard from the Leave Campaign is that we are taking back control of our laws, borders and money.

Just yesterday we were told that the Government is putting 3,500 troops on stand-by, Theresa May has been to the magic money tree again and found £2 billion to deal with unforeseen problems and the health secretary has become the biggest buyer of refrigeration capacity in the world to enable the stockpiling of medical items.

So Mike, could you help us out here and give us a couple of examples of laws that have been passed without our involvement and are causing us so much damage and heartache, how much more money we are going to have in our pockets when we finally wave goodbye and why it is that all the service industries are asking where all their labour force is going to come from when the government just introduces some arbitrary number of people who will be allowed into the country.

When it is stated that immigration has contributed more to the Treasury than it has taken out in benefits it seems to just be ignored.

It is understandable that people living in parts of this country feel that their needs have been ignored by this government but nothing that I am aware of has been said about that changing anytime soon if we leave the EU.

Perhaps Mike could tell us if he knows that is going to happen.

It has suited some people for all sorts of reasons to claim that our membership of the EU is the reason for all our problems but they never seem to have actual evidence that proves it.

Mike who has "total certainty" will presumably be able to enlighten us.

Howard Price