One of Britain's business titans has warned MPs around Gloucestershire that a no deal Brexit will cost tens of thousands of jobs.

Anthony Poeton, chairman of Poeton Industries in Gloucester, described the prospect of a no deal Brexit as the most damaging impact on our economy for at least a generation.

"I have no doubt that leaving the EU with no deal will cost the economy tens of thousands of jobs," explained Mr Poeton.

"It will seriously harm supply chains, create even more long-term uncertainty and damage some of the UK’s most successful industries."

In addition, he argues that a no deal Brexit is not in the interest of the majority, and so it is an affront to democracy.

So, Poeton has called for MPs to deliver on the Brexit referendum in the only way that looks after the country’s long-term interests.

To do this, he believes MPs must back the only deal that is on the table.

"A no deal Brexit will occur not because it is the majority view but because parliament will have failed to act collectively in the country’s interest," added Mr Poeton.

"Anything other than backing the deal on the table would be a gross dereliction of collective responsibility.

"The consequences of which are too dire for me to contemplate."