SO CORBYN confirms Brexit will go ahead if Labour wins a snap election, and disregards the People's Vote as a way forward.

His Brexit stance certainly risks losing Remain voting Stroud where Labour's David Drew MP has a small majority.

Corbyn fails young people-who must be furious with him, ignores both most Labour members and the majority now wanting a People's Vote on the 'May's Brexit deal?' or 'Remain?' options.

Failing MPs from all parties waking up from the Parliamentary reality distortion zone and firstly voting against May's deal, and then secondly voting for Remain, so let's have a People's Vote.

As in Ireland with the abortion decision, this could be a deliberative, open democratic process with a Citizens Assembly and then a properly run, well informed, fair, Peoples Vote.

This Vote needs protecting from the corruption of Putin's troll factories, arrogant oligarchs, lies, dark money, and the psychological warfare waged on us by the likes of Cambridge Analytica, enabled by profit hungry, anti-democratic platforms such as Facebook.

Let's use the Brexit challenge to reinvent our democracy and renew our commonwealth beyond 'Remain' and Brexit'.

But will our MP David Drew vote:

(1) Against May's deal?

(2) For a Parliamentary Remain vote?

(3) For a People's Vote in the case of parliamentary deadlock?

(4) Or for Corbyn's Brexit?

We need to know urgently where our respected, hard working MP stands.

Martin Large