Tributes have poured in for a beloved visionary and treasured member of the Stroud community.

Jay Ramsay passed away on December 30 at the age of 60 from cancer – he got married on Boxing Day shortly before his death.

He was known as a literary crusader at every level, and his work as a poet, psychotherapist and healer helped so many.

Born in London, as John Ramsay Brown, in 1958, he studied English Literature at Oxford University - but he became disenchanted with the privileged world that surrounded him. So, he redefined himself as 'Jay'.

Adam Horovitz, a fellow poet and old friend from Stroud spoke of his admiration for Jay.

"I’ve known him all my adult life; he was a good and generous friend, and a great encourager of me, and of many other poets, over many years," Adam explained.

"I will miss his conversation, the useful disagreements and the numerous common points alike."

Adam went on to describe how one of their conversations was so animated that they missed the turning for a gig they were going to - they arrived 45 minutes late after a frantic conversation.

Friend of 32 years, Gabriel Millar, also paid her respects to Jay.

"Brother Jay was a champion of my work, really he was the one who gave me my public poetic life," she said.

In total, he wrote and translated 48 unique books - the last of which was called The Dangerous Book, it is about taking the Bible back from those who use it to exclude.

Stroud resident and friend Jojo Mehta said: "He was a truly passionate advocate for the power of words.

"In his private practice he unfailingly supported those searching for their poetic voice and helped many to find it."

Jay will be sorely missed in Stroud and beyond, he will be remembered with deep affection and admiration.