The school uniform shop in Merrywalks has shut down, but parents should not panic - one of Stroud's longest running family businesses has come to the rescue.

Passersby to Trutex in the shopping centre will have seen the store empty, along with a printed notice.

It reads: "To our customers: we're sorry we're leaving.

"Some of you we have watched grow from primary school to secondary school and beyond.

"Some we have only just met.

"We wish you all the luck in your exams and future careers.

"Thank you for the last 12 years.

"Love, all the staff at Trutext Stroud xxx."

But parents will still have somewhere to buy all of their children's school uniforms, thanks to one of Stroud's longest running family businesses.

Batemans Sports have taken on all the stock from the former Merrywalks' shop and pupils and their parents will be able to buy unifroms and sports kit from their shop in the heart of Stroud.

"We have taken on all of the stock," owner Andy Bateman said.

"Everything is on display on the second floor of our shop, and if something needs to be ordered in we're happy to help."