I APPLAUD Cllr Dechan for raising the issue of apparent support for Extinction Rebellion by Mayor Cranston and I find it very peculiar that somebody in a senior position as the local mayor would consider the vandalism/spray painting of public signage to be “risible” although I’m not surprised that ER’s Katerina Hasapopoulos “is glad” that the vandalism has happened, writes Brian Marks.

Extinction Rebellion have preached on their hideous protest car and ridiculous signage around it over recent weeks that we should be a happier, more considerate society.

Surely a happy, considerate society should also be respectful of public property and they are on a very slippery slope when they endorse a “it’s something we agree with and therefore is okay” approach to vandalism.

What example are they laying down to the next generation(s) that they worry so much about if this is deemed to be acceptable behaviour?

Do they think it’s one set of rules for ER and another for the rest of society?

Stroud is rightly acknowledged as one of the most eco-conscious towns in the country and as such the vast majority of us know the challenges that face us and future generations as a result of climate change.

I don’t believe we need the regular disruption to daily life that ER has bought to our town in recent weeks and I feel if they continue on their current path they will alienate more and more people as a result of their protestations as opposed to gaining their support.

The local council and its officials should be concentrating on ensuring that Stroud remains an attractive place to visit and live and should be serving the community across the board as there are many challenges that face us as a town aside from climate change.

To publicly back a group which disrupts peoples lives through protest and who needlessly vandalise public property seems questionable governance in my humble opinion and I am pleased that we have a Councillor in Mr Dechan who is prepared to challenge this as opposed to go along with the seemingly populist backing of such an openly disruptive and self-righteous group.

Brian Marks