I HAVE been a school governor in the Stroud area for many years and I am fearful of what the current school’s funding crisis means for the education of our young people.

Many schools really do not have sufficient money to provide the standard of education the students deserve.

Never before have I seen such a real crisis in funding playing out.

The Government continually states funding in education is at its highest level ever.

What this fails to mention is that the allocations differ from area to area and that costs have risen faster than income.

Pension costs are worthy of note as these have risen dramatically in an attempt to recover the chronic underfunding of schemes in the past.

Believing there are further efficiencies to be had in other areas is at best naïve as all of these were made many years ago.

It is no surprise to me that recruitment in teaching is so difficult as there is little motivation entering a profession where the lack of adequate resources makes lesson provision so difficult.

The vast majority of teachers I have met are very able and dedicated but some leave teaching disillusioned with poor facilities and underfunding.

The best education we can give of our young people will in the future help generate wealth for the country so it makes economic sense to invest now.

What is happening is frankly scandalous and urgent action is required to avert a crisis, remember each student only gets one chance.

Steve Ponting