THE much needed incinerator for Gloucestershire, with its additional by-product, of the generating of the production of electricity will soon be on line, writes G J Cleaver.

A lot of fuss has been reported in your paper about the additional cost of this project with the usual empty vessels making the most noise.

If anyone is to blame for this addition expenditure it is is the people who delayed the application for political reasons.

Their arguments that the burying of rubbish in landfill does not make sense.

Landfill is running out and it also attracts vermin (four legged and winged) and rubbish takes centuries to decay, all the time exuding methane gas.

Everyone is encouraged to recycle but that does not mean that the incinerator will be redundant.

If people were honest they would admit that they were politically motivated and have given up logical thought.

So David Drew wants a debate in parliament.

This is the man who has always been against this much needed facility on a disused airfield yet has been a keen advocate of an unwanted football stadium on pastureland.

G J Cleaver