Stroud rugby player Kurtis Herbert was banned from driving for 17 months on Tuesday after he admitted being behind the wheel while over the limit - the day after he gave a matchwinning performance.

Herbert, 22, of Southgate Crescent, Rodborough, Stroud, told Cheltenham Magisgtrates his "poor judgement" was to blame for the offence because he thought he would still be below the limit after drinking two pints.

He pleaded guilty to driving while over the limit in his Ford Fiesta on Bath rd, Stroud, on January 20 this year. He had a breath reading of 60mcgs - the legal limit is 35mcgs.

Herbert, who helped Stroud defeat Chipping Sodbury with a "last-gasp penalty" the day before the offence today, was faced with a problem after today's hearing - he had driven to court and his car was in the car park.

Telling him he was banned until July 5 2020, the magistrates asked him how he had travelled to court.

When he told them, they warned him not to be tempted to get back into his car to drive home.

"The police are notified immediately of banned drivers, do you understand?" he was warned by the court chairman.

Herbert said he did before leaving the dock.

He was told he can shorten his disqualification by completing a drink-driving course by December 27 this year. If he does, he will get 129 days knocked off his ban.

He was also fined £260, £50 court costs and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.