Residents across the Five Valleys have taken to social media to raise concerns about cold callers today.

So far our reporters have been notified about men selling items door to door in Nailsworth, Eastington and the surrounding areas.

In December Gloucestershire Police warned residents about the men who are falsely claiming to be part of a prison rehabilitation program.

A police spokesman said: “The men claim to be part of a prison rehabilitation scheme but this is not the case.

“Anyone selling non-perishable goods at the doorstep should have a pedlar’s certificate so please ask to see this if you receive a call.

“If the person does not present a licence or you are in any doubt about their motives please let us know by calling 101.”

A spokesperson for Stroud police added: "These individuals claim to represent an organisation called “Helping Hand” and say that they are part of a prison rehabilitation scheme.

"No such charity is registered in England or Wales and the individuals behaving in this manner are committing multiple criminal offences.

"Unsolicited door step selling can often be a tactic used by burglars and fraudsters who are trying to identify vulnerable people within our community and we would urge members of the public who encounter these individuals to call 101."

The issue was also taken up by Gloucestershire Trading Standards Service, who put out a post on social media, advising people not to buy services from unsolicited salesmen at the door.

It reads: “Cold callers selling household items now suspected to be in the area.

“Claims that they are part of a prison rehabilitation program are completely false.

“Please don’t buy from cold callers.

“The items are likely to be over priced and poor quality.

“Say no and close the door!”