An inspired young film-maker has set out to share the story of Stroud’s secret suffragist.

River Driver-Sharp, 18, from Stonehouse, believes that everyone’s lives have been affected by Margaret Hills, the suffragist whose life River has spent the last ten months documenting.

“I feel truly honoured to be one of those who are bringing to light the legacy of Margaret Hills,” River said.

“It’s fairly safe to say that all of our lives in Stroud have been affected by Margaret Hills in some way, shape or form.”

After being asked to make the film by writer Jacqui Stearn, also from Stroud, River has delved into the life of the former activist, alongside town councillor Chas Townley.

River believes that is important to bring to light Margaret’s history, as much of it has been lost through the decades.

“I’ve met wonderfully passionate and inspiring people who have worked immensely hard on this project,” River said.

“She was an incredible woman who achieved so much for Stroud as well as nationally for women and other marginalised groups.

“If you’ve been to Stratford Park, know somebody educated at Archway School or have the right to vote - you can thank Margaret Hills.”

“These achievements are just a few that have been forgotten.”

Stroud’s Secret Suffragist will be shown on Sunday, March 17, at Atelier Creative Studio, Stroud, at 4pm.