WHEN most people close their front door at night, they can block out the world, sort the kids or the dinner out and stick the telly on, writes Conservative parliamentary candidate and reader Siobhan Baillie.

For approximately two million people though, home can be when the terror really starts.

The government has published a ground breaking draft domestic abuse bill to support victims and their families and pursue offenders.

There is more information on my facebook page.

I worked in family law for the best part of two decades.

I have sat with men and women crying through their efforts to explain to me how a single day is really twenty four separate hours for their abuser to find creative ways to scare them.

I have held hands with people in court when their abuser is sat across the room.

I have seen how the great communicating technology of mobile phones is used to track and control so going to work is no respite.

I also know just how difficult it is to document the subtle control that can be wielded by the person who knows you best.

We need a national conversation about domestic abuse.

The reality is that there has probably been a long journey of strange, controlling or harassing behaviour before fists start flying around.

This bill and public awareness will help us all recognise signs much earlier.

Siobhan Baillie

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate