A FEW readers have been in touch to ask why we no longer have a 'Christian comment' in our paper each week.

The decision was made in a response to a number of comments in the last year or so, which suggested that our paper should reflect the diverse range of religions and beliefs which our readers follow.

After listening to this feedback, and discussing it with our editorial team and regular readers, we decided that the column should be open to submissions from people of all backgrounds - including those who are non-believers.

We will of course continue to publish columns from different churches across the Five Valleys as part of the series, but we hope that our readers will enjoy hearing the thoughts of others too.

The people of Stroud have always had a reputation for their non-judgemental approach to others views and opinions - we hope that this small change to this editorial policy reflects our readers' broad-thinking and tolerant attitudes.

l Let us know that you think of our decision, email letters@stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk