I WOULD like to congratulate this paper for their comment section on the letters page on January 23, writes reader Gordon Bennetti.

As one of the 29,000 Stroud Conservative voters of the last three elections, I am sure that there is sometimes a feeling by us Stroud Tories that the impression given from very vocal left wing activists and Momentum extremists, that the town of Stroud is a majority left wing enclave, as they pepper your letters page with anti Tory rants, vitriol and sarcasm aimed at any resident to pop their head above the parapet and proffer an alternate view.

I have found your editorial staff unbiased and to have given me a number of opportunities not only to express my Conservative views but to give me a right of reply when the Momentum activists tear into me in the next issue.

David Drew is a good constituency MP but now he has had to lurch to the left in order to keep his position as shadow minister.

So it is no surprise to me that he has to now contradict his long held beliefs in order to stay in his job in the shadow cabinet, as disagreement with the Labour party top brass can result in deselection.

I am disappointed that our new Conservative candidate had to suspend her twitter feed because of abuse from the Stroud Labour party trolls directed by their momentum party bosses.

Siobhan Ballie is like a breath of fresh air to the Stroud constituency and she should be given the chance to express her views without the dreary old Stroud lefties shouting her down at every turn.

Siobhan is the first credible woman candidate from the start of the constituency in 1948 with a fighting chance to win this seat and use her considerable talents and energy to represent Stroud and make a difference.

Gordon Bennetti