WE GREATLY treasure the SNJ for its interesting and relevant news, reader Norman Kay writes.

Thank you.

However, last week's newspaper headline article fell below the standards we have come to expect.

On the basis of one householder’s unsupported complaint, it claims that many householders are “furious” and that there is an “outcry” over the changes to rubbish pick-ups.

It’s left until later in the article to provide a balanced response.

I realise that there is a temptation to use florid headlines to add spice, but this results in a distorted message to readers.

In fact SDC should be congratulated for the great success of its recycling service and its efforts to improve this further.

SDC is the best authority in England for recycling and has experienced the largest increase in ‘household waste’ recycling rates – an impressive 61 per cent, up by 15 per cent.

Well done SDC!

Norman Kay

Green Party District cllr for Nailsworth