A mother has been left "shaken" by a car crash while she was driving through Kings Stanley early in the morning - and now she is having to hire a car to get her daughter to school.

At around 1.15am on Sunday, February 10, Jenny Hobbs was driving through the village near Stonehouse towards the church when she says she was hit by another driver.

But, rather than stop, Jenny says the other driver just drove off.

"I don't think I will ever find out who did this to me but has left me shaken," she said.

It has also left Jenny with extensive damage to her car -

She continued: "It's a write-off.

"I'm having to incur all the costs, I've had to hire a car for the week to get my daughter to school and myself to work, and I'll need to buy a new car too."

Jenny says witnesses saw a silver Peugeot.

If you saw anything or have any information, call police on 101 quoting incident number 37 of February 10.