The first big Severn Bores of the year are taking place this week.

Three waves rated four stars by - the website's second highest rating - are hitting the river on Thursday and Friday, to the delight of surfers.

The first on Thursday is in the morning, viewable from Newham / Arlingham at around 8.11am and then the Severn Bore Inn at 9.04am.

Another on Thursday will be passing Newham / Arlingham at 8.36pm and the Severn Bore Inn at 9.29pm.

One more chance to see a four star Bore, which forms when the rising tide moves into the funnel-shaped Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary, comes the next morning - at 8.52am at Newham / Arlingham and 9.45am at the Severn Bore Inn.