I SEE G J Cleaver has sent another pro-incinerator letter (Letters, January 30), this time suggesting that those against the scheme are politically motivated – and by politically I’m guessing the left are the suspects here, writes reader Paul Halas.

Looking at it from a different perspective, one could say that the genesis of this fatally flawed project was a perfect example of Tory tribalism at its most primal.

The incinerator will produce far more greenhouse gas per tonne of waste than any landfill – and an alternative approach involving better recycling, plus treatment of organic refuse biologically, would obviate the problem further.

Add the health implications of particulate pollution – shamefully avoided thus far – to the equation and the incineration “solution” looks still less attractive.

As for energy production, surely using resources such as the wind, the sun and moving water make rather more sense than burning plastic.

And the financial cost.

And the procurement process.

Yes, there are political issues around the incinerator that need answering.

And fiscal ones too.

Paul Halas