PUBLIC transport is a crucial lifeline for the UK’s ageing population, with more than three million older people relying on public transport for basic needs, writes Jane Ashcroft.

It’s therefore deeply concerning that 36 per cent of older people – many not so confident on their feet – are often unable to find a seat on public transport, and are not offered one.

One in five older people are so worried about a lack of seating, they’re likely to avoid public transport altogether.

That is why campaigns like Standing Up 4 Sitting Down, that aims to make seating more accessible on the high street and public transport, need to exist.

In the midst of a loneliness epidemic, we must do better for our older generations.

We’re calling on the public to send a letter to their local transport providers, asking them to join the campaign and encourage passengers to consider the needs of others.

Jane Ashcroft CBE

Chief Executive of Anchor Hanover