Three Green New Year's Resolutions for our local MP

STROUD Greenpeace calls on our MP David Drew and all UK politicians to adopt the following green new year’s resolutions to tackle the climate crisis, writes a reader.

At the end of 2018, the UN’s stark warning that we have 12 years left to limit climate catastrophe was preceded by countless extreme weather events, including the heat wave that hit us here last year.

The urgency of the crisis we are facing could not be clearer.

It is encouraging that we have Ecotricity here in Stroud providing green energy throughout the country.

However, we need to take much bigger and bolder steps in 2019 to ensure that we can create a more sustainable future for all of us here in Stroud and across the world.

Here in Stroud, local residents believe that the following three new year’s resolutions are the most essential for MP David Drew and all politicians to adopt:

1. Triple renewable energy generation in the 2020s from genuinely sustainable sources (wind, water, solar)

2. Reduce waste from plastic and other materials, and promote a genuinely circular economy

3. Restore nature in our countryside and set up a sustainable, local food system

By taking up these actions over the next year, UK politicians would set us on the right track for achieving net zero emissions in the future, and restoring nature back to sustainable levels.

Unfortunately, all of the main political parties currently fall short against this standard.

Stroud Greenpeace have contacted our local MP David Drew and look forward to hearing from David Drew as to how they will achieve these actions.

Mark Epton