WHILST Conservative plans to tackle domestic abuse, as detailed by local Tory candidate Siobhan Baillie (SNJ letters, February 6), might be seen a welcome step in the right direction, it is inadequate, as has been pointed out by those who work with the victims of such abuse (Independent, January 21), writes a reader.

The victims of domestic abuse have suffered especially harshly under the Conservative’s economically incompetent and cruel policy choices, including closures of women’s refuges, benefit cuts, cuts to the police, cuts to social services, cuts to the NHS...

The Bill’s clearer definition of what constitutes domestic abuse is long overdue, as are some of the proposals for actions.

However, as proposed resources are insufficient even to redress the cuts that Tories have inflicted in their decimation of services over recent years, it is doubtful whether these proposals can actually be implemented effectively.

Thus, what we could be seeing here is yet another, cynical Tory move that is all soundbites and no substance.

We must not be fooled by dishonest PR stunts, where the Conservatives suddenly herald themselves as the solution to the massive problems that their own heartless policies have deliberately caused in the first place.

I will finish with a respectful, heartfelt and genuine question to Ms Baillie.

How can any compassionate person choose to represent the party responsible for so much social carnage - a party that chooses to inflict unnecessary suffering on the disabled and the most vulnerable, even when doing so costs taxpayers more than it saves?

(National Audit Office, 2016)

Rosalinde Scott-Hodgetts