IN THE recent Conservative Party newsletter circulated to many households in the district, I note that their parliamentary candidate is promoting herself as ‘standing up for public services’, writes Jo Smith.

She also writes that ‘early intervention programmes are the most effective way to improve children’s life chances’.

Given that the Tories have been busy cutting public services and ‘Sure Start’ for the ‘early years’ since 2010 with their austerity programme, for a moment I wondered if this new candidate might have mistakenly strayed into the wrong political party.

However the account of her ‘Pothole Patrol’ scheme did bring back memories of the Tory past - John Major with his 1992 ill fated traffic ‘Cone Hotline’.

As well as ‘Sure Start’, youth services; libraries; women’s refuge centres and home care services have all fallen under the Tory axe to lesser or greater degrees.

The safety net of benefits has been frozen, cut or rationed with sanctions and delays.

This government has inflicted misery on countless vulnerable families and individuals young and old.

While the rich grow richer, the rise and rise of homelessness and the need for ‘food banks’ shames us all.

Jo Smith (Mrs)