JUST to follow up on Mr Bennetti’s letter of February 13, writes Richard Hillary.

I would like to agree that it is a terrible shame that Ms Baillie has had to suspend her Twitter account because she does not feel it is a safe space to post her views.

If used in a polite and well mannered way, Twitter should be an ideal platform to question her views on such subjects as: her party’s disastrous handling of Brexit; their continued persecution of the poor and vulnerable through their austerity measures; and their questionable view on animal welfare through the ongoing slaughter of badgers.

However, this avenue appears to be blocked for the moment.

I hope all those who have upset Ms Baillie stop forthwith and allow her to feel she can re-enter the conversation on Twitter.

After all, with an election in the offing, it would be good to hear her opinions on subjects such as those raised above.

Thank you again for giving all us reasonable Stroudies the platform to air our views.

Richard Hillary


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