WHAT would your readers feel about the imposition of a slavery tax, on a lot of commercial products, with the addition of a slavery tax logo, asks reader R Brown?

Modern day slavery seems to be an ongoing problem in the production of many legal commercial products, in global capitalism.

I realise it is a complex issue, in the production of products, and where they or their components are sourced, across the world, but it could be a start.

I guess that some people might be embarrassed to buy a chocolate bar with a slavery tax logo on it, and rather not have this or think about this, but that is part of the problem with this situation, as it goes on year after year.

There could be a slavery free status with certificate and logo as well, which might help people have more choice as to which products to buy, and the added tax would put commercial pressure on manufacturers to seek slavery free status, and the tax money raise could be used to fund research and statistical information gathering about slavery around the world.

R Brown