REF your article dated February 23, 'Taxpayers face over £2,000 cleaning bill for protest graffiti', writes reader Brian Cooke.

This act of sheer vandalism was generated by the Stroud branch of the eco-activist group, Extinction Rebellion.

Now, while we are all in favour of free speech and democracy, why should the tax payer have to pick up the bill for such damage that can only be described as criminal wanton vandalism?

That can't be right.

The above refers to the painting of their logo on keep left bollards and signs at the roundabouts at both ends of Dr Newtons Way.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Plus, it needs to be asked, what sort of example is being set to our younger generation when adults behave in such an immature and irresponsible way?

Please note also, the police, who are already underfunded and undermanned, had to organise the removal of the abandoned car from Wallbridge by the same irresponsible organisation.

We often complain about the police failing to respond to crime, but having to deal with these deliberate and unacceptable activities, does nothing to help.

What more do these people expect Stroud District Council to do?

They are already one of the greenest in the country.

Please note also: the comment made by Mr Lambert when he sprayed graffiti on the front door of the Council offices, and I quote from your SNJ report, "Once the police had arrived and arrested me, we cleaned the window completely. The point was not to damage the building but to get arrested as a way of drawing attention to the message. When the law is failing to protect us, we have a duty and a right to break it."

Those are not the words of a silent, law abiding protester, surely?

If you feel you need to protest, you must stay within the law.

Nobody has the right to break the law, if this became acceptable where would this lead?

No, this is criminal damage and the punishment must fit this situation.

What better way than making the leader face his own actions and attitude and pay in full?

Brian Cooke UKIP Stroud