IN THE past two weeks I've received three automated phone call purporting to be from O2, Windows Technical Department and, today from BT (phone no. 02351170748), writes Denise Robotham.

They all say more-or-less the same thing: "Your internet will go down in the next half hour unless you press 1 to fix the problem".

Just put the phone down.

So far my internet service has not been interrupted.

Apparently versions of this scam have been around for ten years, but I seem to have had a lot of them calling me recently, so thought I would warn other readers.

If you do decide to press 1 you will be put on to someone who will tell you something like there is a bill you haven't paid and if you don't pay it now you will have to pay a much bigger amount to be reconnected.

No matter how convincing they are do not pay.

They may offer to prove they are eg BT by turning off your line, and yes they can do some trick that makes it seem like the line has gone dead, but it is just that, a technical trick and as soon as they cut their connection with you your line comes back.

Apparently there are other things they can do to make it seem real, but it isn't.

Best thing is not to press 1 in the first place

Denise Robotham