An old friend of many people in the Stroud area passed away on February 28, 2019.

Terry Birt died in Worcester at the age of 72.

Although he spent the last 30 years or so living in and around Worcester, Terry was very active in the Stroud area in the late 1960s and 70s.

He will be fondly remembered by many.

For several years he was assistant manager at the old T.S.B. in Stroud, in which capacity he attracted many of his own age group to open an account there.

His main passion was for cricket.

He was team secretary and fixture secretary at Cotswold Cricket Club until he, his wife and family moved from the area in 1978.

He was always keen to pass on his skills and enthusiasm to youngsters and he helped many youth players discover their own love of the game.

After the announcement of his death, the club for whom he was still coaching, Worcester Nomads, made a statement describing him as:

“A man that influenced the lives of so many, both within cricket and across the wider community. "During an extremely sad time we can draw strength over the affection shown towards this great man.

"He would be truly humbled.

"Rest in Peace Terry, one of the best.”

Terry Birt's funeral will take place at Worcester Crematorium on Friday, March 29, at 1pm.