WE ARE writing in response to a recent letter alleging that the children’s climate crisis protests were not genuine or sincere, write readers Martin Whiteside and Lynn Haanen.

It is unfortunate that the author did not listen to what young people are telling us.

Children from around the world are marching to demand action on climate change.

They have read the scientific reports, are paying close attention to the news and are quite rightly angry and terrified about their futures and the future of our planet.

We adults have failed them.

We have known for at least 30 years that our consumption of fossil fuels was heating the planet and would lead to climate catastrophe.

We are now seeing the impact of our collective refusal to take action: extreme weather, droughts, the loss of coral reefs, and the extinction of wildlife.

We have huge respect for the children who are marching, shouting and otherwise “making a nuisance of themselves” with their demands for action.

Our failures as a society are inexcusable so the least we can do now is listen to the children and respect their leadership.

Martin Whiteside and Lynn Haanen

Co-coordinators, Stroud District Green Party