THERE is a barrage of letters about the Conservative’s excellent candidate for Stroud, Siobhan Baillie in last week’s Stroud News and Journal, writes Stephen Davies.

Imagine my surprise, on using google, to discover that Rosalinde Scott-Hodgetts is secretary of Stroud Labour Party, Jo Smith from Amberley was a Labour party candidate in Nailsworth, and Richard Hilary is presumably the husband of Nicola Hilary, the unsuccessful Green candidate for The Stanleys in 2016, who resides at the same address.

Personally, I am always clear with people about my political affiliations.

I am happy to say I support Siobhan Bailey and think she will make an excellent MP for Stroud.

She was very active in the recent Conservative Campaign to hold the Berkeley Ward in the District Council by-election with a significant swing to the Conservatives.

Perhaps the letters page would be more informative if all correspondents made their affiliations clear.

Stephen Davies

County Councillor - Hardwicke and Severn

District Councillor - Severn

Stroud Conservative Association Treasurer