I READ with interest the letter from Mr Epton of Greenpeace in last week's edition, writes Chris Bailes.

I noticed this on the day that Parliament discussed Climate Change for the first time in two years, on the hottest winter day ever and in the knowledge that schoolchildren had come out on strike because of the lack of action on climate change

Disgracefully only a small number of MPs were in the chamber to discuss this matter.

It is clear that in Westminster there is no political will to address what is the most desperate and dramatic event that will without immediate action overtake us.

In the debate the Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith painted an alarming picture when he said that: "it looked like the world is heading for 3° of global warming".

I live in the River Severn Valley and in that eventuality sea level rise will affect, if not drown, such villages as Slimbridge, Purton and Berkeley along with large parts of Gloucester.

Mr Paul Halas in his online comment tells us what the Labour Party's adviser thinks we should do but isn't the real truth that the Labour party has never seen climate change as important enough to hold and lead a full discussion on the matter in Parliament.

It appears that the Climate Delayers are totally in control of the national political system.

Luckily, we have more enlightened local politicians.

I am pleased that the Stroud Council has passed a resolution accepting that there is a climate emergency.

However, there is more they can and must do.

If Dr David Drew is to make progress against climate change, he needs not only to influence politicians in Westminster he must also influence our local politicians to provide effective future proofed services to Stroud citizens.

Chris Bailes