AFTER many years of warnings, scientists issued a particularly outspoken report last October telling us that we have twelve years to counter climate change if we are to keep temperatures to relatively safe levels, writes Roger Plenty.

The young people of the world are showing signs of increasing awareness of this and are responding with a worldwide movement to strike, since they have no other means of protesting.

On February 27, the issue of climate change was debated, for the first time in two years, in the Commons.

A photograph of the chamber during the debate showed eight MPs on the Government side of the house and somewhere just over twenty on the opposition benches.

This means that the vast majority of MPs thought it an insufficiently important subject for them to bother to attend this debate.

Caroline Lucas said: "Since 2010 almost every existing sensible climate measure has been torched: zero-carbon homes scrapped, onshore wind effectively banned, solar power shafted, the Green Investment Bank flogged off, and fracking forced on local communities."

Is it any wonder, then, that people are getting angry in the face of patronising indifference from our political class?

Roger Plenty

Rodborough Hill