From firefighters battling a blaze on an industrial estate, to Bob the bus driver whose quick actions averted a potential tragedy, this week’s paper is full of people doing extraordinary things to protect and save others.

Add to that the incredible money raised by the amazing women from Stroud Stragglers for Cancer Research UK and no one can be in doubt of the inspiring acts that we have all witnessed across the Five Valleys.

These stories, and so many of the others that fill our pages, are testament to the incredible people that live in our midst.

During these uncertain times their hard work and determination shine like a beacon of light, reassuring us that when the news is filled with so much fear and horror basic human goodness still exists.

Let’s all learn from their brave actions, every one of us has a role to play in our community, and even if we’re not overcoming flames, or selfless fundraising for good causes, or leaping to the aid of someone in desperate need of our help we can all make a positive difference by being a little kinder to one another.