BREXIT: well, to misquote: “You can fool some of the people some of the time – But some all of the time”, writes Lee Prescott.

The utter Parliamentary shambles is not the fault of Theresa May PM, it’s entirely the fault of a collection of MPs, gross misrepresentation and interference by many of them for their own personal reasons and not for the good of you and I or the country.

Not one of them – of all Parties – is worth re-electing when the time comes.

As for Corbyn, he sounds and comes across like a stuck gramophone record.

A further result is that the UK, always looked up to abroad, has now lost all credibility my overseas friends tell me.

What many people do not realise is that Theresa May PM, is shackled by the EU's unelected, self appointed grandees, Messers Juncker, Barmier, Tusk and co. (I know the Continental mind).

None of us know what went on behind the EU's closed doors discussions, so don’t blame Theresa May, PM.

However I can and will state this without any doubt: Those EU unelected grandees will have made it as difficult as possible to prevent the UK leaving the EU with the resultant loss of the billions of GBPs (£s) we are forced to contribute each week, month, year in and year out.

Europe is and has always been a thorn in our side.

One scrap in the 19th century and two world wars in the last century when we have had to save them from themselves.

(I am old enough to state that I suffered as a result) and without doubt, it will happen again EU or no EU.

As Churchill said: “We are for Europe but not of it”.

That’s why the English Channel rose to separate us!

Lee Prescott