Referendum reflex

I DO not understand many things, writes J Pentney.

One is why, although apparently it is accepted that the Leave campaign in the Referendumb flouted election law, there are no calls to regard the result as invalid.

If the boot had been on the other foot, surely the Brexiterrors would be shouting for a rerun from the rooftops.

Their standard, oft-repeated statement is that the ‘people have spoken’ and to ignore it would be anti-democratic.

But democracy depends on sound and honest information – so democracy was undermined from the start.

Remember that pre-Referendumb debate in a full Subscription Room?

The atmosphere, I found, to be intimidating, failing to recognise very many local people there.

Bravely John Marjoram stood up for Remain, only to be heckled.

On refection I regret not asking how many there were bussed in old Brexonians.

J Pentney


PS I am crossing Ireland, heading for the border and listening to Irish radio as I go.

Could it be the Blarney?

The presenters seem to be easier to listen to and less desperate than many of their English counterparts.

Events in Westminster are covered with bafflement, and with much more air time being given to discussions on climate change and the environment.