Will you ever complete your list?

WHETHER you have lists of things you need to do or whether you go from day to day doing what needs to be done, have you ever thought about arriving at a time when everything you need or want to do is actually done?

Putting aside essential things like working, shopping, cooking, eating, washing and sleeping, to mention just a few, most of us have things we need or want to do.

A lot of our days are filled with doing.

How many of us stop regularly to be still and quiet; to reflect and feel a sense of peace inside?

This year, I re-started a daily practice that I used to do quite a while ago.

It is simply to stop for four minutes four times a day in silence, allowing myself to feel peaceful and to allow this to spread into the atmosphere around me.

I use the alarm on my mobile phone to remind me to stop regularly.

If I am in a meeting, I say to people around me that I will be sitting quietly for four minutes.

If I am driving, I try and pull up and stop.

Whatever I am doing I stop.

I understand that for some occupations, this would not be practical.

Perhaps the four times could be selected to suit your lifestyle.

I believe that the benefit of such a practice will allow us to be much more present in whatever we are doing.

It will allow our natural innate sense of peace to be expressed.

It will benefit those around us too.

We all know the effects chaotic environments and peaceful environments can have on us.

In moments clarity, we know that the list is not ever going to end.

So why do we place unnecessary deadlines on ourselves?

Why do we choose a frantic life style?

Where is the balance?

For some people, life is completely full of really essential things that have to be done.

I am aware of this.

I still hope you find a way to regular inner peace.

Girish Patel