A RETIRED researcher has written a new history book about Stroud.

Elizabeth Wright was inspired to find out more about the Badbrook area after questioning why Bath Street didn't lead to Bath.

"I found myself walking from our home in Uplands through the Badbrook area nearly every day, and was intrigued by Bath Street, which so obviously didn’t lead to Bath," she said.

"It turned out to be named for the Stroud Public Baths, which are no longer there, and no one could find me a photograph of them.

"By the time I’d researched the baths’ history I knew a great deal about the rest of Badbrook."

Entitled Badbrook, Merrywalks and Slad Road, the publication is the result of four years’ research into the area, taking 1750 as the starting date.

Although it is Elizabeth's first book, she has been involved in research all her working life.

The book chronicles the landmark buildings and people of Badbrook, from the Merrywalks viaduct to the Fountain Inn junction on Slad Road.

There's some interesting characters in there too, including a police superintendent turned burglar.

Elizabeth said she hopes that as well being an enjoyable read, her book will provide a useful research tool for other Stroud historians.

The book is available at £13.50 from the Stroud Local History Society website: stroudlocalhistory.org.uk