A COLLECTION of songs, narrative and poetry about the Spanish Civil War, created in Stroud, is to be added to the archives of the museum dedicated to the work of Karl Marx.

No Parasan, written by Stuart Butler, with songs by Danny and Katie McCue, tells the story of the international fight against fascism in Spain.

Originally performed at the Sub Rooms in 1997 by the Stroud Football Poets, an updated version of the work was recorded in 2014.

The Spanish Civil War was fought from 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939 and during that time over 35,000 men and women, from over 50 countries, left their homes to volunteer for the Republican forces.

Many from Gloucestershire took part, including Stroud author Laurie Lee.

Stuart Butler researched and collated information about those from the West Country and Gloucestershire who went to fight in Spain, and those historic details are included in No Parasan.

After being made aware of the No Parasan recording, and the unique record it provides about Gloucestershire’s involvement in the civil war, the Marx Memorial Library and Workers’ School in London has requested a copy for its archives about the International Brigade.

“It’s great that this work, created in Stroud, is considered of historic interest and archival value,” said Stuart.

“I guess we’re the only ones who have that synthesis, overview and knowledge about the West Country and the Spanish Civil War.

“It’s a lovely feeling to create a new way of ‘doing’ history: performative history, and for that approach to be officially archived.

“I’m on cloud nine.”