There was a surge of excitement when I read a recent headline about a pub being saved.

Another Newsquest newspaper had a headline about shops closing – one of which we happily shopped in.

I read on and thought further shops closing are sad, but ongoing news.

As shopping online increases and the new God Amazon become more powerful more and more retail outlets will cease to trade.

To make matters worse the most vulnerable are the small family run establishments who have brought so much character and service to our small towns.

Spare a minute to think and you will think of too many near you.

The news about the pub was different.

A change of application that would have turned a local hostelry into flats had been refused by the Cotswold District Council acting against the advice of their professional officers.

One councillor John Fowles had spoken vigorously in favour of keeping the pub going.

Sorry John you have got it wrong.

No-one will allow a profitable pub to perish.

This one was probably unsold as a pub because no future purchaser could be found to take it on as licenced premises. We all love our pubs but we have no right to expect them to be run at a loss for the benefit of a few.

Our towns are facing the challenge of change and turning a town pub into flats can do one positive thing.

It can increase town centre footfall and therefore help remaining traders.

When I go to Stroud farmers market (a constant delight!) the disused Market Tavern sticks out as an eyesore.

Hopes of it re-opening as a pub must have long gone.

The site should become a residential one now. Of course people will say there will be problems over parking.

Perhaps so, but does anyone want a permanent eyesore?

Realism regarding the future of establishment we know and love must be the order of the day. Change is inevitable and change is better if it is managed and ordered.

I would sleep more soundly if local government realised this and acted accordingly.