HI SNJ, last week I went to see a band called Stringfever at Stroud’s Subscription Rooms.

There was four people in the band, two brothers playing the electric violin, the other brother playing the electric cello and the cousin was playing the electric viola.

I liked their music because they did lots of different styles of music from classical to rock, a lively and funny show with lots action.

I also liked the music because the cellist could play the electric cello and play the drums with his mouth (this is called beat boxing) at the same time.

The band had lots of tricks up their sleeve, one of them had a light up bow so when they played Star Wars he turned the bow on and it looked like a light sabre and then one of them made a fire ball on stage.... and lots of other amazing thing, that I won’t mention otherwise it will totally spoil it for you when you see them.

lMax Metcalfe, 11, lives in Lightpill and attends Gastrells Primary School.