Forest Green chairman Dale Vince is set to play a leading role in a new United Nations initiative aimed at engaging the world of sport in the fight against climate change.

In his first official role with the UN, Vince becomes a Climate Champion for its recently launched ‘Sports for Climate Action’ initiative – with its aim to bring sporting bodies and clubs around the world together with their supporters to fight climate change.

Vince will visit UEFA in Switzerland next month where he will speek to its 55 member nations about Forest Green's work and raising awareness of the new UN initiative.

Forest Green became the world’s first carbon neutral sports club earlier this season, as part of a new United Nations initiative.

They were also named the 'world’s greenest football club' by FIFA – FGR as well as collecting a UN Award for its role in tackling climate change.

On his new role, Vince said: “There are billions of sports fans – all of them passionate people.

"We share the same view as the UN that by engaging sports around the world in the issues of sustainability, we can get supporters involved in the fight against climate change – by making them fans of the environment.

"Sport has such a big influence on the way people think and act, it’s a powerful platform that can be used to address the most urgent issue of our time – climate change. This new UN framework can help bring about change.”

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, added: “I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Dale for his action on climate change and support for the UN’s new framework.

"Dale has demonstrated a genuine commitment to communicating strong and clear messages about the importance of raising awareness and empowering citizens to act on climate change."