News from Help a Hedgehog Hospital

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Every year, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society designates a week in May to raise awareness of our native, wild hedgehogs – this year it runs from May 5 to 11. The society is focusing this year on encouraging people to make a space for hedgehogs in their gardens - this could be in the form of a log pile, or a wild area that also makes a home for the creatures hedgehogs like to eat. Or make a hedgehog home - more information and a plan here from the BHPS at


Our winter patients, mainly underweight autumn juveniles, have now all been released to continue their life cycle in the wild, while we await the first of the new intake.

During the winter, we have invested some of the funds raised over the year into a new facility at our main hospital in King’s Stanley - Carole now has a new over-wintering house.

We hope to see some of our friends at our first outdoor event of the season - Randwick Wap on May 11 - and hope it’s not too cold and windy!

Don’t forget to put out some wet or dry cat food, and a bowl of water for your visiting hedgehogs - and please take care when tidying up the garden - particularly when strimming, as they are potentially lethal.

Remember, hedgehogs are not usually out in the heat of the day - a hedgehog lying on the lawn, or wobbling about, is a sick animal.

If you find a hog in trouble – a timely call can make the difference between life and death.

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