TRIBUTES have been left on Stroud High Street, following the death of a well known homeless man.

A flute, a handwritten poem, plus flowers and cards have been placed next to Clarks shoe shop in memory of Ziggy, who was often seen around town with his guitar.

His death has led to many people asking on social media how we should tackle the problem of homelessness.

MP David Drew commented on Facebook: "These things should not be happening".

And one person wrote: "He was the sweetest man.

"How can we let this happen in the 21st Century?

"A dog shouldn’t have to live on the streets. RIP my friend."

Another posted: "How many more before something is done?

"RIP Ziggy you will be much missed."

One commenter added: "Too many are dying. In the fifth strongest economy, and we call ourselves a civilised society, this should not be happening."