THE Select Art Trail returns this month, with a programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and open studios.

Taking place in venues across the Five Valleys, it is also set to include the annual world textile fair in Bisley.

Leading international and emerging artists from the visual and applied arts will be coming together to engage with the public, to debate and to present contemporary art.

Over 100 artists will be opening their studios and hosting exhibitions.

The studio weekends are taking place this Saturday and Sunday (May 11 -12), and on May 18 and 19.

This year’s major exhibitions are: ‘Materials Matter’ by Jacy Wall and Bjork Harraldsdottir at the Lansdown Hall and Gallery until May 19.

And ‘Sightlines’ with Matthew Harris, Helen Carnac and David Gates, at the Museum in the Park, until June 2.

One festival highlight is Sarah Wimperis’ illustrated talk, Travels With My Paintbrush, at Pegasus Art on Saturday at 7pm.

“For over 40 years I have been travelling with my paintbrush,” she said.

“From the painting kit in an old wooden box that travelled all the way to China on the Trans-Siberian railway in 1984, where paintings literally saved my life, to my glorious travelling studio which I take with me across Europe.”

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