The following is from this week's Farmer's Market column.

With a bit of sunshine at last the mind wanders to garden parties and the great tradition of the Great British Barbecue.

Meat has become a bit of a dirty word in the context of the recent climate crisis protests but, rest assured, the meat at the farmers’ market is farmed on small, mixed cropping, family farms where biodiversity and countryside management are to the fore and animal welfare is paramount.

So, if you’re looking for the best for your barbie why not visit Adey’s Organic, Frocester Fayre, Madgett’s Farm or Hinton Marsh farm this Saturday?

The sausage selection at Hinton Marsh family farm’s stall could take you all summer to try– there are over 25 pork sausages alone, made from Tamworth pork – flavours to note include the gourmet wild mushroom and parsley, pork and asparagus and the Alabama with its taste of America’s Deep South.

There are a number of lamb sausages too and a gluten free options that includes the award-winning pork and apple, pork and leek, Cumberland and a traditional plain pork sausage.

The homemade burgers are equally exciting, but to make it easier to choose, pick up one of Hinton Marsh Farm’s special BBQ packs which include sausages, handmade burgers, marinated spare ribs and more.

At Frocester Fayre the flavours are inventive and all rather wonderful, too. Burgers include chilli and beef, pork and apple, chicken and a gluten free beef and onion version and the new pork, chorizo and sweet chilli burger will knock your socks off!